Ben Bradford will shoot a LIVE Music Video at The Rutledge

Ben Bradford is shooting a LIVE Music Video on Tuesday, October 8th at The Rutledge in Nashville.
This is a chance to be a part of an emerging country artist’s video. YOU DO NOT want to miss this!
Here is the info Ben posted on his Facebook event:

Come join Ben Bradford at The Rutledge and take part in his LIVE music video. Doors open at 6:00, and everything kicks off at 6:30.
Guests will be treated to a FREE keg of Yuengling, while supplies last. The full service bar will also be open. Please bring a valid form of ID for admittance.
This is a live concert video shoot, not a full performance, meaning that some songs will be played multiple times, so the director can capture the performance from various angles.
Guests will be asked to sign a talent release form when entering the venue. To see the form in advance, please e-mail your request to
DRESS CODE: You can wear your “usual” club/casual wardrobe, but please note the below.
No Logos- Please do not wear any clothing that prominently features any corporate/brand logos. This includes t-shirts and hats.
Hats- Hats are alright as long as they don’t have logos
-AVOID WEARING WHITE, BRIGHT COLORS OR COMPLICATED PATTERS: Examples: Neon, bright primary colors, stripes, gingham.
Please e-mail if you have any questions. We hope to see you Tuesday night. Thanks!
briservBen Bradford will shoot a LIVE Music Video at The Rutledge