Best headphones for the gym

Five headsets to consider from $25-$100
Price $25
Snappy name, huh? Let’s get one thing straight: if this test was done on price alone, these would be the outright winner. They offer good balance and clear sound. The no-nonsense tough ear-hooks ensure they stay on your ears without any issues, and you have to give them a good yank to make them budge. They’re also the only headphones here to come complete with an iOS-compatible remote for receiving/ending calls as well as skipping tracks.
Unfortunately it doesn’t control the volume, though, and has a really cheap feel to it. That lack of quality also extends to the cable, which has a distinct tackiness about it – it just bunches up and doesn’t hang loose like Apple’s own headset nor the Philips set here.
Panasonic RP-HS200
Price $25
The headphones are water-resistant but are lacking in a few key areas. They yield a dull sound. They clip over the ear and are supposed to seal tight. They were found to be uncomfortable even though they came in 3 sizes.
Philips Actionfit SHQ5200
Price $100
These are the only headband headphones being discussed here and they bring some tricks to the party. They’re waterproof and the ear cushions detach so you can wash off any sweat. The materials used are of excellent quality. We recommend these headphones mainly to bass fans. The emphasis on the bass made the rest of the sound a little muddy, so they aren’t for listening to classic rock, for example, but if you run to pumping dance tracks they’ll most certainly do the trick.
These are the favorite for comfort as well.
Sony MDR-AS200
Price $30
These clip on headsets are comfortable with good quality rubberized clips. They didn’t come off our ears, despite some rather rough treatment. The sound doesn’t set itself apart from the crowd, but it is decent in quality. The bass is pretty minimal. Sony has not added a remote or volume control. So even though they are comfortable, they don’t do enough musically to set them apart from the crowd.
Sennheiser Adidas CX685
Price $70
They’re fairly odd in appearance; they’re in-ear headphones designed to form a seal in the ear canal (three sizes of buds are supplied) that also have a hook on the top to help them stay in the ear. The hook looks so inconsequential that it’s hard to believe that it actually does work!
They’re not as secure as some of the other over-ear hook headphones we’ve looked at here, but they’re excellent – as is the sound quality, which has punch and the best balance of any on test here. Great sound quality and an unusual – but effective – design means the Sennheisers are the most impressive set of sporty headphones.
Source: techradar

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