CES 2014 Press Day

The Consumer Electronics Show kicked off yesterday with many companies taking the stage for formal press conferences and keynotes. Here are a few of the highlights.
TV’s-The most notable was a bendable TV screen from Samsung. They showed an 85-inch LED LCD model with 4K resolution that transforms from flat-screen to curved with the press of a button.
More and more smart capabilities are added to TVs of all kinds. Roku has partnered to release six TVs that have Roku’s Smart TV platform built-in — no box required. LG is keeping WebOS alive, incorporating the operating system into its smart TV’s
Wearable Tech-Kickstarter darling Pebble is classing up its product line, releasing the $250 metal-cast Steel smartwatch. The original Pebble is colorful, lightweight, waterproof, it’s more of a sports watch. People were saying they wouldn’t put it on their wrist when wearing a suit, in more dressed up situations, or even saying they liked it but the look wasn’t what they wanted. It’s a move away from the playful, sporty look of the first Pebble towards a weightier, classier design utilizing a forged and CNC-machined stainless steel case. The watch functions by syncing to a smartphone—Pebble supports iOS and Android devices.
Gaming: Valve is jumping into gaming hardware with its new Steambox platform. It combines console-like hardware that runs Steam-based PC games and works with a custom controller designed by Valve. Valve’s Steam Machine could pose a massive threat to the status quo of gaming.
Appliances: There are some impressive innovations for the home. Samsung rolled out a whole new line of professional-chef-grade kitchen appliances. LG has a set of appliances that you can text with. A worringly unscientific poll is mixed on whether that’s a pro or con.
Smartphones: Corning introduced a new bacteria-fighting antimicrobial glass for smartphones to keep us safe from our own filth. Sony announced plans to sell the Xperia Z1S via T-Mobile in the US, beginning later this month. LG announced that its 6-inch phablet with the arched display, the LG G Flex, is coming to three carriers: AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile.
Cars: Toyota talked about its continuing foray into green cars. Specifically, it gave some details of cars running off fuel cell technology, which boast no emissions but water vapor.
3-D Printers: MakerBot introduced a new line of 3D printers, including the smaller, more affordable Replicator Mini and the industrial-strength Z18 for making larger objects. It has also built mobile and desktop apps people can use to tape into its design network from anywhere.
Source: c/net, PC News

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