Google IO Conference begins tomorrow

Google will be having a full two-day event, which kicks off Wednesday. Google’s focus this year is expanding to include more information and value for the gamut of app and software makers. That means speaking not just to developers but also to designers and marketers. But for the average user, there’s still plenty to look for here in terms of news and excitement, too.
Items to look for include:
Android wear: Two manufacturers are set to debut the first shipping smartwatches running Android wear this year, including Motorola and LG. Attention will be paid to best design and development practices for the platform, given that Google and its OEM partners will be pushing for content to populate a wearable app store for the launch of consumer hardware. Public interest in smartwatches has increased shipments by 250 percent in the first three months of this year.
Android in the car: There’s not much known about the Android-powered in-car system, but already, partners including GM, Audi and Hyundai are on board and the tech is set to debut in new vehicles by the end of this year. Google is said to be planning to make its in-car system directly web-connected, with a focus on making it usable separate from your device, but also complementary to smartphones.
Android TV and Android In The Home: Android TV is reportedly more focused on content than apps and software, as opposed to Google TV. Android TV will offer a window into Google Play, with access to movies and TV shows that are also available on Android tablets and smartphones. We might even see a gaming element added. Google also just acquired Dropcam with its Nest division, which is quickly becoming a hub for all things connected home.
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briservGoogle IO Conference begins tomorrow