Blackphone, a privacy-obsessed smartphone begins shipping with a price of $629

Blackphone was created in response to leaker Edward Snowden’s revelations about mass surveillance from the National Security Agency. The device’s sales pitch claims that security and privacy are put “ahead of everything else.”
In order to achieve that goal, the Blackphone is based on a forked Android operating system, called PrivatOS. The operating system comes with built-in support for encryption of voice calls, video calls, and text messaging.
Blackphone’s custom set of features is designed to maximize your control over what information you share.
Remote Wipe & Protect-Have peace of mind in knowing that you have control over your data from anywhere in the world.
Secure Search & Browsing-Browse the Internet with the confidence that nobody is looking over your shoulder.
Secure File Transfer & Storage-Only you will decide what to publish, what to share, and what to keep entirely to yourself.
Secure Voice, Video & Text-Speak and chat freely knowing that your conversations are off the grid of surveillance.
Blackphone Security Center-Gives you complete control over the flow of data to and from the applications and services on your device.
Compatible With Any GSM Carrier-No contract obligations so your Blackphone is yours to use, configure, and modify to your own desire.
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briservBlackphone, a privacy-obsessed smartphone begins shipping with a price of $629