Earn Easy Extra Cash with Qmee, Get Paid to Click on Ads

If you’ve ever searched online (so, pretty much everyone) this applies to you. Qmee is a browser extension. It has been around since 2012, so it’s not an entirely new opportunity. But the buzz surrounding it has increased over the last few years. You can install it on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, or Opera.
Once it’s installed, you may occasionally notice a little Qmee sidebar pop up when you do searches on Google, Amazon, Ebay, Yahoo, or Bing. You won’t always see the Qmee sidebar expand, but when you do, that means money.
The more common the search (like “men’s shoes” or “plane tickets”), the more likely there will be Qmee results. If you typed in “cheap travel insurance” into Google or just about any other search engine and you had the Qmee extension installed, you would see the sidebar expand and you could earn a quick 7 cents just by clicking the ad Qmee showed you. Keep in mind there is no way to know which search terms will trigger Qmee to expand. Sometimes it expands, sometimes it doesn’t. If you’ve been using it for days and you notice it never expands, you might want to double check that your Qmee extension is still enabled, or possibly uninstall and reinstall it
Qmee said people should expect to see results just 15% of the time. They said this will grow as they partner with more ad networks. (They work with six networks right now, each with “thousands of clients.”)
Paypal is the only method of payment that Qmee uses. You can also choose to donate your Qmee earnings to a charity if you’d prefer. As mentioned above, there is no minimum amount for getting paid.
The company is not yet profitable, as 90% of its revenue goes to customers and just 10% goes to the firm. (The partnerships with ad networks are all monetized on a cost-per-click or cost-per-purchase model.) So far, it’s just chump change for users — the person who’s accumulated the most money earned about $200 over the course of a year.
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briservEarn Easy Extra Cash with Qmee, Get Paid to Click on Ads