You don't have to daydream about Back to the Future to ride a hoverboard.

Thanks to a company called Hendo Hover, it looks like we might actually get the hoverboard of our dreams.
Hendo teamed with Tony Hawk to demonstrate the current capabilities of the Hendo hoverboard. Considering the board can only hover an inch off the ground, the prototype still impressed the seasoned skateboarder. Hawk even performed his first 10-80 on the spinning hoverboard. The hover engine works with Lenz’s law — which is “a way of using a magnetic field to create a secondary magnetic field on a conductive surface.
The hoverboard, which is part of a Kickstarter funding campaign, has its limitations, only being being able to operate on non-ferromagnetic conducter surfaces like aluminium. They are on their 18th prototype, and continue to make advances week after week.
The future of hoverboard:
Form Factor-powerful but elegant, in a simple sculpted design.
1 inch of ride height-optimal height for taking on hoverramps.
Effortless glide-smoother than any ride on wheels
Full control-seamlessly integrates with your natural movements
Saftey-numerous safeguards from automatic powerdown to interference free ride surface
Super cool-no explanation necessary
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briservYou don't have to daydream about Back to the Future to ride a hoverboard.