Pizza Hut's Tablet Menus Stalk Your Eyeballs to Guess Your Order

Pizza Hut locations in the United Kingdom are testing eye-tracking software on their tablet menus, which claim to accurately predict what the diner wants to order.
Pizza is definitely not the first thing one thinks of when it comes to technology, but recently some new developments in the Pizza wars have shown that cutting edge technology is now being applied in the pizza business as well. Dominos started it with their real time pizza tracker that allows customers to watch their pizza progress on their computer or smartphone as it transitions from kitchen to oven and out for delivery.
Pizza Hut teams up to make the app with Tobii Technology. They arrange their 20 most common toppings in a grid on a tablet-style device and watch your eyes as you scan the images; within a 2.5 second timespan the device is able to pick out your favorites out of a potential 5,000 combinations.
They say that 98% of users in testing were satisfied with the pizza that it chose for them. Those that aren’t can tell it to restart the process.
The eye-tracking tablet is in test mode at 300 UK locations, although a Pizza Hut spokesperson says it might crossover to the U.S., depending on how well it’s received.
sources: The Independent,, Fortune,, Tech Times

briservPizza Hut's Tablet Menus Stalk Your Eyeballs to Guess Your Order