Amazon’s difficult week of delivering goods.

First the company sends $5,000 worth of returns to an unsuspecting customer. Then it sends another customer a conveyor-belt roller as a gift.
In the first, a 22-year-old Brit kept receiving parcels from Amazon, ones he was sure he hadn’t ordered. There was a Samsung 55-inch 3-D Series 6 TV. A Galaxy Tab Pro turned up too. And lo, the leaf blower he’d always not wanted. He believes that all these goodies were meant for a returns depot. He called Amazon to report the deliveries. Twice. He said “I was worried that people were losing out on their stuff so I phone Amazon again and said I’m happy to accept these gifts if they are footing the cost, but I’m not happy if these people are going to lose out. But Amazon said ‘it’s on us.'” An Amazon spokesman confirmed that this was true.
Lisa Seger received an unexpected box. Instead of an electronic gadget, though, her surprise was a green conveyor-belt roller. She realized that the conveyor-belt roller should have been a book about chickens that was sent by a friend. It seems that Amazon’s legendarily efficient and customer-centric service has responded positively in both cases.
Such incidents are clearly rare — which is what makes them entertaining.
Sources: c/net

briservAmazon’s difficult week of delivering goods.