The Four Coolest Things of CES 2015

From a possible cable-killer to 3D-printed pizza, here’s what was exciting at CES 2015. But for every bizarre misstep, there’s an equally-incredible piece of technology.
Founded in 2013, XYZprinting is a global company with the goal of bringing affordable 3D printing to businesses as well as individual consumers. Set to release later in 2015 at about $2000, the machine is capable of printing all sorts of food in all sorts of shapes. But the important food here is pizza. People saw the pizza made and ate the pizza.
At Samsung’s booth this year was a 110” 8K, glasses-free 3D TV, and the massive crowd clustered around it did so for good reason. This display changed many minds about 3D: without the glasses, staring at a demo clip of action scenes that had arms and legs seemingly jutting out from the screen felt natural, even vaguely true-to-life.
Sling Television’s proposal of $20 a month for a package of channels is enticing. It is basically an app for your set top box or Xbox One. There are some major limitations, like not being able to use it on more than one TV at once, but this is such a massive step in the right direction to get rid of cable.
Virtual Reality: VR started early with Samsung and Marvel’s amazing collaboration. For a few short minutes, you could feel like you were in Stark Tower, poking around Tony’s laboratory and just existing in that world. What was most impressive about the virtual tour of Stark Tower was both its fantastic sense of place, as well as its ability to point towards exactly what was wanted.

briservThe Four Coolest Things of CES 2015