How to get your selfie on a billboard in 45 cities

Creative Chatter Communities, a nonprofit that connects charities with donors, has partnered with outdoor advertising company Lamar (LAMR) on a new project that lets you do just that — well, after your photo has been screened first.
By donating $25 to the Ultimate Selfie Campaign, you can upload a picture and message to the site. Approved photos and text will be displayed on digital billboards across the country in more than 45 major cities, including Phoenix, Dallas, St. Louis, Chicago, and Washington.
Messages will be shown in rotation with other ads for a week. An average of 11 million people would see your picture, according to Creative Chatter. The nonprofit also publishes the pictures on its Facebook page, meaning even more eyeballs.
· By participating you agree to our terms and conditions
· Minimum $25 tax deductible donation.
· No personal contact information
· No crude or profane statements
· No phone numbers
· You have permission and legal right to post the photo
· We have the right to edit or delete all submissions
· This is a donation to a non-profit organization and there is no guarantee of service
· Our Facebook and Twitter page will feature pictures of many selfies, so make sure to follow us and look for yours!
The Ultimate Selfie Campaign ends April 2. Just in time for prom season and prom-posals.
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