Best April Fools Gags of 2015

Sixteen of the best from an unmanned pizza delivery to Pac Man takes over Google Maps.
1. When visiting, Google flipped its homepage to let visitors experience a mirror image of whatever they were typing and reading. “We’re always looking ahead, but sometimes it’s important to reflect,” the company tweeted.
2. Pac-Man takes over Google Maps-Google transformed its Maps website and app into the iconic Atari arcade game. This is one we wish would stick around after April Fools’ Day.
3. MS-DOS mobile-Microsoft says its MS-DOS mobile operating system is “beautifully simple” and an “essential download for those who want to go back to BASIC.”
4. Honda HR-V selfie edition-Stop taking selfies while driving, guys. It’s dangerous…unless you own Honda’s specially designed car for selfies. The fake car features 10 different cameras inside and outside the car so you can get all the good wind-in-hair angles.
5. DomiNoDriver In a Vine video, Domino’s introduced “the world’s first driverless pizza delivery vehicle.”
6. After revolutionizing email, Google thought it would do the same with physical mail. It introduced Smartbox, “a better, smarter mailbox that fuses physical mail with everything you love about the electronic kind.”
7. Kodak picture kiosk dashboard-“Need to make high quality photo prints, greeting cards, and photo gifts in your car? Mobile Photo Printing has finally come of age with the new Kodak Picture Kiosk Dashboard.”
8. Samsung Galaxy Blade edge-Call or chop? Samsung wanted us to believe you could do both with its Blade edge phone. Waterproof, ergonomic, and equipped with a diamond edge blade and foldable handle.
9. Amazon goes retro-Amazon reverted its page to the way it looked in 1999. The top items? Whoopie cushions and prank books.
10. Surface watch-Microsoft quickly pulled a tweet soon after it went up advertising the Surface watch. Oh, well. We’ll just have to duct tape a Surface 3 to our wrists instead.
11. Tesco bounce-Who hasn’t climbed a shelf or two to reach a particular kind of mayonnaise? Tesco dreamed up a way to avoid that with trampoline floors.
12. Jimmy John’s drone delivery Amazon should try bribing the FAA with food. That could be how Jimmy John’s sub shop got its fake drone delivery service off the ground.
13. Bangkok your Uberboat is arriving-The on-demand ride-sharing company announced an UberBOAT service in Bangkok, Thailand to help people get around during the rainy season. “We’re not talking the Chaopraya River or the multitude of canals around the city. Innovative to the core, we’re talking boats on the streets of Bangkok,”
14. Virgin paw door entry-Virgin introduced a dedicated lounge for pets, including a “world-first Premium Paw Door Entry.” Virgin says the lounge will be available to four-legged members of its frequent flyer program.
15. Virgin moves to Branson, Missouri-Virgin founder Richard Branson tried to fool people into thinking he moved the company to Branson, Missouri. The billionaire loves pranks, and over the past few years has pulled off a few amazing feats like turning a hot air balloon into a UFO.
16. BMW motor mouth-BMW said it took its signature “kidney grille” and made it into a mouth guard for rugby players. Puns were aplenty in the announcement. “We’ve loved getting our teeth into this unique opportunity to collaborate with the sport,” read one quote.
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