A bike helmet for people who think bike helmets are a pain to carry around.

People are cycling more than ever. In Europe and the USA more bicycles are now being sold than cars! And more and more cities around the world are introducing cycle rental schemes. Most who shunned helmets did so because they said they were too bulky to be conveniently stowed between rides.
Morpher inventer Jeff Woolf is certain a helmet helped to protect his head in a bike crash. Woolf raised money in an Indiegogo Campaign to launch this project. His current design folds to the size of a textbook and is 1.4 inches thick — small enough to tuck away in a laptop bag or stack in a vending machine near bike shares. Before it can be sold in the U.S., it must meet safety standards set by the Consumer Products Safety Commission. The standards have tripped up other helmet makers who have been working on more portable models. Estimated delivery-June 2015
Another collapsible helmet called Closca has passed American safety standards. Closca found the standard helmet annoying when you need to put it away once the bike is parked. It doesn’t match with the urban look and dressing trends. Casual urban bike-share users may find Closca too bulky to keep in a bag for their next unplanned ride. This writer couldn’t find anywhere to order it online or in stores in the US
The Pango Folding Helmet folds in three easy steps to half the size so you can stash it in virtually any bag. The perfect commuter helmet: protective when you need it, conveniently out of sight when you’re off your bike. Available in black or white. Winner of a 2009 Eurobike Award. *Note: Not available in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand or Australia.
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briservA bike helmet for people who think bike helmets are a pain to carry around.