The Kingii, A Tiny Life Preserver, Could Save Your Summer

We’ve all been there: Someone offers you a bulky, bright orange life vest and you politely decline. You know how to swim, you tell yourself. Plus, it would look pretty dorky.
But according to the the United States Coast Guard, 82 percent of people who drowned in 2013 weren’t wearing a life preserver. The World Health Organization estimates that 370,000 people drown every year
The Kingii fits on your wrist, stays out of the way, is rechargeable and is there when you need it most. The smallest, inflatable in the world is perfect for every activity, every age and every environment around the water. The risk of drowning and the need for bulky safety devices is over! If you’re wearing a Kingii and find yourself struggling in the water, a simple yank of the lever on your wrist releases a carbon dioxide cartridge, inflating a small orange pouch that helps you float in the water. The reusable device weighs just under 5 ounces, and is designed to not get in the way of people who like water-based activities such as boating, surfing, fishing and stand-up paddleboarding. It comes with a whistle and compass in case you’re lost at sea,
Agiapiades hopes to have the final product shipped to funders by late August or September. Afterward, it will retail at Amazon and other merchants for $89.99.

briservThe Kingii, A Tiny Life Preserver, Could Save Your Summer