A Plate That Can Count Your Calories and More

It’s becoming seemingly easier to know how many steps we take and calories we burn, however, calorie intake still seems to be a challenge. How do you know exactly how many calories sirloin steak and mashed potatoes has? SmartPlate is the world’s first intelligent plate that instantly analyzes everything you eat.
Using digital cameras and weight sensors, it instantly tracks and analyzes everything a consumer eats with up to 99.7 percent accuracy. Food recognition technology is trained to identify single foods as well as mixed foods simultaneously from all portions of the plate.
The smart plate can detect the difference between a fried drumstick and a grilled one. It can also distinguish between whole wheat and regular pasta. Our algorithm factors in texture, shape and color. Going even beyond just counting calories, SmartPlate will even let you know if you are short of any carbs, proteins or fats for the day.
Since launching SmartPlate on Kickstarter, the company has partnered with the American Heart Association to raise awareness on nutrition and healthy eating. SmartPlate will be donating 1 percent of their revenues to the cause.
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briservA Plate That Can Count Your Calories and More