Instagram celebrates it's 5th year birthday.

The surprising thing is that no one has ruined it. Despite being purchased by Facebook and depsite vastly different opinions on how you should use the service, Instagram is still great—an unbested way to share a single moment of your life with your friends.
If you’re searching for a concrete reason why Instagram hasn’t changed much to the naked eye, it’s this: Instagram was designed for the iPhone, and five years later, we’re all still using more or less the same iPhone (or iPhone-inspired device). Yet while Instagram has traditionally approached design updates with an almost lethargic confidence, Instagram’s most aggressive updates have launched just in the last two months, with the elimination of square photos, and the introduction of the Search and Explore section.
The Top 5 Accounts:
6 – The number of engineers Instagram had in 2011 and had up until it was purchased by Facebook in 2012.
$1 billion – The amount Facebook paid for Instagram, and its 13 employees.
400 million – The approximate number of monthly active users Instagram now has – a figure higher than Twitter.
3.5 billion – the number of Likes on Instagram every single day.
49 million – The number of followers Taylor Swift has and the most of any Instagram user. It also means that more than 10% of the app’s users follow Swift.

briservInstagram celebrates it's 5th year birthday.