Throw away the shovel: Electric concrete melts snow

For commuters negotiating post-blizzard conditions, take heart: electric snow-melting concrete may be coming to a city near you. Dr. Chris Tuan, a professor of civil engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and his team of researchers have developed a concrete mixture prototype that melts away falling snow and ice by conducting electricity. The special concrete has carbon byproducts from coal … Read More

briservThrow away the shovel: Electric concrete melts snow

Technology to Improve Our Lives

There are three separate categories of innovation: The first ranges from fun to mindless such as gaming mobile apps like Angry Birds. The second category includes technology that improves our lives, but doesn’t solve our most pressing issues. Innovations such as drones, Uber/Lyft transportation, socialized TV viewing and advanced GPS technology. These make our lives easier but we could live … Read More

briservTechnology to Improve Our Lives

Feds raid Chinese 'hoverboard' booth at CES

In an embarrassing incident, a Chinese hoverboard-maker’s stand the Consumer Electronics Show was raided by US marshals over a patent dispute. Future Motion Inc., maker of a device called OneWheel, on Tuesday filed a patent infringement suit against Changzhou First International Trade Co. in federal court in Las Vegas. The company won an emergency temporary restraining order, leading the US … Read More

briservFeds raid Chinese 'hoverboard' booth at CES

Periodic table's seventh row finally filled as four new elements are added

To scientists, this is of greater value than an Olympic gold medal. The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) has confirmed the existence of four new elements with the atomic numbers 113, 115, 117, and 118. Chemistry textbooks are in need of a rewrite with the addition of four new elements to the Periodic Table. The periodic table … Read More

briservPeriodic table's seventh row finally filled as four new elements are added