Olivia Lane: Country Radio Seminar Brand Awareness

Project Details

  • make as many impressions to attendees of Country Radio Seminar as possible through imaging, giveaways, and product placement
  • produce giveaways that fit the brand and the project
  • select location for branding in key places with as much foot traffic as possible
  • produce multiple brand impressions through the convention
  • produce interesting giveaways that convention goers may take home and share at the office or at home
  • We used the standups placed strategically around the event with interchangeable cards to allow messaging to change throughout the event


  • generate buzz throughout and during the convention
  • create awareness of artists schedule during the convention
  • using branding and giveaways to help launch new single “Steal Me Away”
  • generate multiple impressions to leave a lasting impression with attendees


  • Through airport placements, the campaign generated 2.5 million impressions in one week including country music fans and industry arriving in town for the convention
  • We were able to capture consumers again at the airport on the baggage claim LCD display to create multiple impressions
  • Our placement at the convention was located in a very high traffic area in front of registration and near main elevators to attend the conference gaining multiple impressions with the 3500 convention attendees.
  • Placement around the hotels main LCD panel providing Hotel information, checking in, checking out, and maps, was a perfect location for repeated impressions.

briservOlivia Lane: Country Radio Seminar Brand Awareness