Behold The Self-Pushing Stroller. What Could Go Wrong?

The Smartbe stroller, a hands-free baby carrier that uses motion tracking, is activated via a smartphone app and follows mom and dad along as they run or walk. The stroller can move uphill or while you’re shopping or running.  The device comes equipped with lots of other nifty features — like a radio, battery charger and bottle warmer.  If the Smartbe goes rogue, a “stop cord” similar to those found on high-end treadmills, connects the stroller to parents’ wrists at all times. If the cord is pulled from the stroller it instantly stops.
If hackers can take control of a baby monitor, what could they do with an Internet-connected stroller that wheels itself around?  The Smartbe is packed with more safety features than any regular stroller, with directional signals, internal and external cameras and an anti-theft alarm.
Not-so-smart versions of the stroller will sell for between $399 and $1,099, while the propelled versions start at a hefty $2,750.

briservBehold The Self-Pushing Stroller. What Could Go Wrong?