Top 6 New Social Media Features

This week’s Tech Tuesday are the Top 5 New Social Media Features recently added
Twitter displaying most responsive time
Facebook has been doing this for some time but in Twitter’s attempt to compete, Twitter is now displaying most responsive time
Instagram now allowing users to zoom on photos
This has been a major feature lacking from Instagram since its’ launch, the ability to zoom on photos.  All you’ve got to do to zoom, is download the most recent app update from the app store!
Linkedin now allowing the sharing of videos
Linkedin’s sharing capabilities have always been fairly limited but with the new addition of the sharing of videos, Linkedin is now catching up with the times.
Instagram adds photo stories
Instagram’s stories are a lot like Snapchats stories – the feature allows you to post a bunch of photos and videos throughout the day – at the end of the day the photos and videos are gone.  The new features allows you to customize, draw, add thought bubbles etc to your media
Facebook Messenger Account Switching
Many social media apps have been building in functionality assuming that social media users manage and maintain multiple companies, pages, accounts at once.  Facebook recently integrated it’s Messenger service to allow users to switch between you multiple profiles you admin.
Snapchat adds Chat feature
Allows users to text chat or video chat with their friends

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