The Real Joe Diffie Stands Up With “Girl Ridin’ Shotgun”

Since the release of the recent Jason Aldean hit “1994,” everyone has been wondering “will the real Joe Diffie please stand up?” We now have the answer. “Joe-Joe-Joe Diffie” has been hard at work in the studio on a new song of his own with the help of D. Thrash of the up-and-coming group Jawga Boyz, and is ready to take the airwaves by storm with the new track. “Girl Ridin’ Shotgun” is a perfect summer-ready, windows-down song and Joe returns Aldean’s favor by name-dropping him in the new tune. See the Press Release
For Joe, the collaboration was a chance to write with one of Country’s hit-makers and a hot new act on the “Hick Hop” scene at the same time, which proved to be lots of fun.
“My management called and mentioned a new act called the Jawga Boyz, who are making some waves down in the Southeast,” said Diffie. “Part of my goal was to get back to my writing a little more, so they asked if I wanted to write with those guys and see what happened. I said, ‘Sure, why not?’ Jawga Boyz Derek Thrasher and I got together with Phil O’Donnell and we wrote my new single, ‘Girl Riding Shotgun.’ Derek wrote all the ‘Hick Hop’ parts of the song and Phil and I concentrated on writing the chorus, so it was a true collaboration. It was really cool to see it all come together like it did, because it was something so different. It is really gratifying to see people get so excited about it. It’s not what people would normally expect from me and I hope fans have as much fun listening to it as we did writing and recording it.”
“When we first heard ‘Girl Ridin’ Shotgun’ we knew we had to find a way to work with Joe,” said Bigger Picture Group’s Michael Powers, who will be promoting the single to radio. “He’s an amazing talent, and with the resurgence of heritage artists of the 1990’s, Joe’s signature voice has stood the test of time. His new single is a breath of fresh air, not only among artists of his era, but also among new music today.”
The song is the perfect vehicle for Joe’s re-entry onto the charts and back onto the music scene following his recent bluegrass project and is proof that he hasn’t stopped growing or evolving since the release of smash hits like “John Deere Green,” and “Ships That Don’t Come In,” two decades ago. Many of those songs are name-dropped in “1994,” the quirky, homage to Joe that appears on Aldean’s “Night Train” album. Joe is a fan of Jason Aldean’s and is thankful for the newfound attention he’s receiving which has been generated from the nod in Aldean’s popular single. Diffie is hard at work on a new CD of songs that will be released later this year, meanwhile “Girl Ridin’ Shotgun” is available on iTunes NOW!
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See the Press Release

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