New gadgets unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2014

Mobile World Congress returned to form this year, with Samsung, Nokia, and Huawei all choosing to launch flagship devices in Barcelona.
Huawei E578-has the 4G-LTE mobile hotspot is commonly known as a MiFi. It supports the connection speed of up to 300Mbps. All mobile hotspots so far support just the single stream specification, which caps at just 150Mbps. The main reason that up to now all other hotspot devices supported the slower speed of Wi-Fi was the battery life. The Huawei E5786 manages to overcome this challenge by having a powerful 3,000mAh battery that promises to offer some 10 hours of usage on one charge and up to 500 hours of standby. Pricing is currently unavailable.
Nokia X-Just months after being sold to Microsoft, Nokia chose to launch its first Android phones. The devices, all dubbed Nokia X, will run Android but be packed with Microsoft services. The phones will come with Nokia’s own collection of apps to replace Google’s default apps that are regularly found on Android devices, including various Microsoft applications, and will offer users access to Nokia’s own Android store, as well other third-party app stores including Yandex. Microsoft will even provide free bonuses to buyers including one month free calls Skype, and 1GB of OneDrive storage. $122
Samsung Galaxy S5-Samsung launched a much more sensible, more cohesive smartphone than previous Galaxy S devices. There’s a finger print scanner, a heart rate monitor, new camera tricks, and a clever way of making your downloads faster by combining Wi-Fi and signal coverage together. Samsung also announced a fitness band with a curved OLED screen as it continues its push into wearables. Expect to want the gold one come April. Under $700
Tethercell-allows you to control AA operated devices from your phone via bluetooth. Tethercell is extremely simple to install. First, remove a single AA-battery from whichever device you choose. Next, make sure that Tethercell already has a AAA battery installed within it, then replace the removed AA battery with Tethercell. No matter how many AA batteries are required to run the device, you only need one Tethercell. After the Tethercell is snug in the battery compartment, turn on the device, fire up the Tetherboard app after downloading it free from the App store and you’re ready to connect from any iOS or Android device that is Bluetooth Smart compatible. About $35
iPro Mobile Lens System-Schneider Optics has announced that it has expanded its system of interchangeable mobile lenses to be compatible with a great number of additional devices. The range of compact lenses, which includes a Wide Angle, Super Wide Angle, 2X Tele, Macro and Fisheye, is now compatible with the iPhone 5 and 5S, iPhone 4 and 4S, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the current generation of iPads.
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briservNew gadgets unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2014