Nod Gesture Control Ring Is Designed For Continual Wear

Nod is the most advanced gesture control ring. Nod allows you to engage objects with your movements as if by magic. Nod is a universal controller, allowing effortless communication with all of the smart devices in your connected life, including phones, tablets, Google Glass, watches, home appliances, TVs, computers and more.
The device itself is a waterproof (up to 5 ATM) ring, with a metal rim around the inside (for all-day comfort and hypoallergenic purposes) and a transmission-friendly plastic outer case. It comes with a charging cradle that doubles as a ring holder, is available in 12 different sizes (using spacers within a few set sizes for adjustability) and offers about a full day of regular usage connected to devices via Bluetooth LE.
Tackling gestures isn’t as easy as just building support for sweeping hand movements into a device; the real test is making sure that it works on a repeated basis in everyday settings for everyday users. To do that, the Nod ring offers the ability to use so-called micro-gestures, which take advantage of highly sensitive sensors built into the hardware that support two finger gestures and subtle brushes, swipes and rotations of a user’s digits.
You can get a Nod via pre-order today at $149, with shipping anticipated to start in the fall.

briservNod Gesture Control Ring Is Designed For Continual Wear