Back to the Future, predictions the movie got right and wrong!

The movie from 1989 got a few things right when it depicted what 2015 would look like. Although flat screen TVs and drones are abundant, the movie’s prediction of flying cars, hover boards and self-lacing shoes was completely wrong.
Things the film predicted right:
Flat Screen TV’s
Video Conference Technology-Marty really did see the future with this one. Let’s see, we have Skype, Face Time, Oovoo, Snap Chat and a whole array of video real-time conference programs.
Bimetric Identification-Soon people won’t just be able to unlock phones and computers with their finger print, they’ll also be able to open doors by using their heartbeats.
3D-We see it in movie theatres, video games, home TV and even in comic books.
Holographic displays
Drones-They are everywhere! In 2015 drones will keep making national headlines and will also be more prominent in the consumer market, except they don’t walk our dogs yet like they do in the movie.
Pepsi Perfect-In October, Pepsiunveiled a limited edition version of its soft drink made to resemble the brand of cola Marty orders in a diner in 2015. It will cost $20.15, which isn’t quite $50 but is still high enough to make Marty cringe.
Things the film got wrong
Rejuvenation masks/clinics-unfortunately the technology for that is not here yet. We won’t be able to peel of our face and look young and beautiful like Doc did in the movie.
Hover Board-Today, companies are still testing how to make a reliable, working hoverboard for the general public.
Self lacing shoes
Stationary exercise bicycles at Cafes: Let’s hope that throughout the year 2015 gyms and cafes remain separated.
Fax machines and phone booths-Those two are definitely technology of the past.
Flying cars

briservBack to the Future, predictions the movie got right and wrong!