Nike will introduce self-tying "power laces".

The power laces worn by McFly in Back to the Future Part II automatically lace up once he slips his feet into the high top sneakers. We should see them become a reality sometime next year. “Back to the Future” fans and sneaker fans pretty much freaked out in 2011 when Nike issued a limited number of Air Mag shoes … Read More

briservNike will introduce self-tying "power laces".

Flappy Bird is removed from both the iOS and Android app stores

Gaming industry observers were stunned that the creator would voluntarily kill off a game that at its peak was bringing in $50,000 a day in advertising revenue. “Flappy Bird” has delighted and enraged players in equal measure. To progress through the game, players tap the screens of their phones to keep a crude, heavily pixelated bird aloft and navigate a … Read More

briservFlappy Bird is removed from both the iOS and Android app stores

The future of wearable technology.

The category, which includes everything from smart glasses that record video to watches that answer phone calls, is generating some of the biggest buzz in the tech industry, and for good reason. So far, there’s no clear winner running away with the market, though many are trying. Nike, Fitbit, and other fitness bands dominate about 90 percent of wearables sales. … Read More

briservThe future of wearable technology.

ICANN opens the Internet up to new domains like .ski, .sexy, and .berlin

Today, Net addresses end with 22 familiar terms — .com, .net, and .edu — called generic top-level domains (GTLDs). But starting February 4, the first of hundreds of GTLDs will begin arriving — .ninja, .farm, .shoes, .photography, .bike, .pink, and even .wtf. Why bother with the domain-name expansion? For a company trying to get a new start on the Net, … Read More

briservICANN opens the Internet up to new domains like .ski, .sexy, and .berlin

Google's smart contact lenses could measure glucose levels in people with diabetes.

They have sensors that are so small that they look like bits of glitter and the antenna is thinner than a human hair. Diabetes is said to be one of the fastest growing diseases in the world. According to Google, it affects one in 19 people around the globe. In order to keep blood sugar levels in check, diabetics must … Read More

briservGoogle's smart contact lenses could measure glucose levels in people with diabetes.

3D printers go mainstream

What does a 3D printer do and why would I want one? 3D printing is a process of making a three-dimensional solid object of virtually any shape from a digital model. 3D printing is achieved using an additive process, where successive layers of material are laid down in different shapes. So basically you can take a picture of something and … Read More

briserv3D printers go mainstream

CES 2014 Press Day

The Consumer Electronics Show kicked off yesterday with many companies taking the stage for formal press conferences and keynotes. Here are a few of the highlights. TV’s-The most notable was a bendable TV screen from Samsung. They showed an 85-inch LED LCD model with 4K resolution that transforms from flat-screen to curved with the press of a button. More and … Read More

briservCES 2014 Press Day

So you scored an iPad for the holidays…

Must have accessories for your iPad. Who said the iPad lacks an SD slot? If you’re an owner of a new iPad with Lightning connectors released after October 2012, you have several choices: go with a separate Lightning to SD card or Lightning to USB camera adapter ($29 each), buy the Lightning to 30-pin adapter and use your original Camera … Read More

briservSo you scored an iPad for the holidays…

Best headphones for the gym

Five headsets to consider from $25-$100 JVC HA-EBR80-B-B Price $25 Snappy name, huh? Let’s get one thing straight: if this test was done on price alone, these would be the outright winner. They offer good balance and clear sound. The no-nonsense tough ear-hooks ensure they stay on your ears without any issues, and you have to give them a good … Read More

briservBest headphones for the gym

Ford announces self-driving vehicle.

“Never gonna happen” just got a lot closer. According to Ford the self-driving car will be here within five years, using technologies available today. The smart car will take over your morning commute on clogged freeways, improving your speed and reducing fuel consumption. The technology concept, known as Traffic Jam Assist, uses adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, and the … Read More

briservFord announces self-driving vehicle.